elle decorIf you are looking for design inspiration this spring, whether you are an interior designer or home stager (or both like me!), then look no further. Here is what is hot and trending right now:


Seen popping up everywhere, from Benjamin Moore to furniture retailers and accessory designers, blue is sumptuous, blue is regal, blue is so, so, soothing to the eye and soul.


Oh yes, this is making a HUGE comeback. So if you have any of these colours lurking in your home, you may want to evaluate their current popularity, and how these put away items can feature within your home once again. And if you are feeling very adventurous, then try re-painting some of your numerous chrome/steel items with a golden finish to give them a fresh look for only a few dollars.


You can’t beat velour, especially when mixed with the above colours that are big in demand right now. Velour always makes cushions look more sumptuous, more high-end, and always very classy.

And remember the biggest rule of design this spring; there ARE NO RULES. Mix old with new, dark with light, formal with understated. It is all up to you!

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Monique Shaw,
Lead Designer & Stager Homes Sold Beautifully Calgary Home Staging & Design

Photo: Credit to Elle Decor