This is how a Calgary home should be staged. It has curb appeal, nice landscaping and inviting.

Staged home with curb appeal

There are many reasons why you should stage your home. Why should you stage? Well, that depends; do you like to save money, or throw it away? Read our guide below to find out why this is so important, whether the market is poor or smokin hot:

1-So that when a buyer moves in, they know exactly where to put their furniture

2-Buyers want a show home look and feel; it gives the impression of luxury, cleanliness, and truly makes the buyer feel like you are ‘gifting’ your home to them.

3-No one wants to take on projects when they buy a home; they want ‘turn-key ready’. This means you need to be the one who does any repairs, patching, painting and home/landscaping maintenance, so you buyer can move in and just enjoy the new home!  Leaving these jobs undone leaves you open to the buyer offering you a lower prices, so they can do these jobs themselves, or worse, hire someone else, on your dime. Staging means doing those projects, and not leaving them to the buyer.

4-When you stage your home, the buyer immediately gets the impression that you are prepared and ready to move out, and more importantly, for you to move in. If you have not packed or prepared your home, it’s going to look like a tough sale! Put away anything that is not necessary, or does not contribute, to your sale.

5-Staging makes your buyer feel special, like you really prepared for them to buy your home.

7-Staging your home also makes your potential buyers safe by putting away any hazards that they may trip over. Pay attention to staircases or things they can fall over or trip on. If they hurt themselves on something in your home, you won’t be getting an offer.

8-Staging protects you from price drops, or sitting on the market too long.

9-Staging helps you to sell fastest on the block, before others in your area.

10-Best case scenario, you make a quicker sale, or receive potential multiple offers!


When We Do The Work, The Buyers Feel Grateful, And Appreciated, By You The Seller!

Monique Shaw, Lead Designer
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