yardCurb Appeal–Without It You Could Be Letting Potential Home Buyers Drive On By

Notice anything special about this picture of a yard? Me either. Most people who are looking at houses for sale in an area will drive by different homes in that neighborhood, looking for those that stand out for the right reasons.

Don’t lose your potential buyers by letting your home look unloved and unremarkable. Take pride with the outside of your home; you would not shop in a store that looked messy or in dire need of repair, so why should the front of your home be any different?

Here are some home staging tips you can use to give that ‘Welcome Home’ feeling to home buyers driving by:

1-Yard Maintenance:

Mow the lawn, power rake your yard, treat weeds

2-Greet the Home Buyer:

Add flowers, shrubs, mulch or gravel


Re-paint the front door or mailbox in either a fresh coat of paint, or a new color to make it ‘pop’


Add a new front door mat

5-No Obstructions

Make sure the front yard is free of snow shovels, children’s toys, old plant pots, and don’t overdo it with the lawn ornaments. Yes, I’m talking about the garden gnomes too; get those fellas ready for move day and pack them away for your next home.

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Monique Shaw, Lead Designer
Homes Sold Beautifully, Calgary Home Staging and Interior DesignHomesSoldBeautifully.com