It has been shown that clutter and mess stress out a home owner.  And when that homeowner ‘outgrows’ their current house, and wants to sell it on, are they sabotaging their own chances at a quick sale? Absolutely!

If a home is presented badly or looks neglected, buyers will not hesitate to show you who’s boss and be out your door like a bat out of hell. Buyers HATE when sellers don’t do their homework; they feel you have wasted their time, their gas, and that you think they are not savvy enough to know that there are way better homes out there for them–Calgary homes are some of the most beautiful in North America, and being a perfectionist when selling your home will help sell it far quicker!

It is no longer enough to de-clutter the house before sale. Buyers are so much savvier now, and Calgary home buyers especially at that. And with the recent flooding in Calgary, buyers are rushing out to buy homes not affected by the floods. With thoughts of homes damaged in our area fresh in their minds, Calgary buyers are desperate to buy right now, but they are eager to have something that is opposite to what they have seen on the news footage this year. So that means a house that screams ‘CLEAN AND FANTASTIC CONDITION’. We have all seen the recent media images of houses being gutted, their contents purged on their front lawns. And it makes me think; the more stuff we have in life, the more of our stuff is at risk when life takes a turn on us. When people go through a divorce, a loss of a loved one, the arrival of a baby or a house move, their belongings become magnified, and can overnight become like chains wearing them down.

And if a buyer senses the stress that a cluttered messy house has on the seller’s domain, then that potential sale is dead in the water.

So, the lessons for selling a home in Calgary are:

1-NEVER let a buyer think a property is not going to be ‘enough’ for them. Present it in fantastic condition. Don’t just clean and paint–CREATE an environment that woos the buyer. Calgarians are a city of show home lovers. They want, and buy, class, cleanliness and comfort. If you are unsure of how to do this, let a Calgary home stager do this for you!

2-Be your home’s strongest critic. If you can see the dirt, the repairs, the clutter, a buyer will see these tenfold -because that is what they are looking for!

3-Hire a Calgary home stager. A home stager knows how to take an everyday home and turn it into a buyer’s dream. Do your homework though! Do not just pick a home stager off of Google–check out their website, their photos, call them–do they sound passionate about what they do? Are they  happy to hear from you?  You want a professionally trained Calgary Home Stager; not a hobbyist! Look for a professional designation. Are they on, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook? Look for lots of activity going on with your stager; does their website tell you what you need to know?

Remember, being a perfectionist when selling your home is the right attitude to have, especially in Calgary. And if you do not know where to start, don’t worry-a professionally trained Calgary Home Stager does, and we are waiting to help you make selling your home quickly and beautifully a reality, usually in no more than a day, with their expertise and access to furniture, accessories and design plans.

We are ready to prove ourselves to you, and get you sold fast and professionally. Call at 403-926-4603 today and let us deliver you a home you will be confident and proud to sell.


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