A Calgary Home Stager Reflects: What Your Front Yard and a First Date Have In Common

The Appraisal Institute is advising homeowners to keep their properties well landscaped.
But What Does This Mean For You As A Home Seller?

Here is your new mantra if you are selling a home: ‘First Impressions Count’. And where does that first impression start? Usually online, on your MLS listing. And what is the first impression that sellers

A Calgary Home Stager Reflects–HOME STAGING, LEVEL: EXTREME. Or, how staging your fridge can attract buyers….

Buyers are more nosy than we think. The New York Times recently featured an article about how incorporating the right look in your kitchen, extends to more than just the cupboards and counters; think upper class foodie staging for your fridge for viewings. The buyers may just grow an additional respect for a home’s feel