dateThe Appraisal Institute is advising homeowners to keep their properties well landscaped.

But What Does This Mean For You As A Home Seller?

Here is your new mantra if you are selling a home: ‘First Impressions Count’. And where does that first impression start? Usually online, on your MLS listing. And what is the first impression that sellers see? The front of your home.


While the first view of your home is important, what is also crucial is that ‘Wow’ factor, or ‘move-in-ready’ impression. Buyers enjoy viewing a home that already has a nice lawn, with trees, shrubbery and flowers– these always impress if they are nicely presented and well maintained.

If your home looks irresistable to the buyers, they will come. Drab is out and can cost you buyers when they view your home online. And did you know that many buyers will drive by your home before making an appointment to view it? Making your home look attractive to buyers is crucial AT ALL TIMES while your home is listed. It is not enough to have it looking good for the MLS photos alone. A potential buyer could be driving past your house right now, and like an unappealing first date, this could cost you buyers wanting to come back for more.

Landscaping for curb appeal can be inexpensive, and some of it you can even take with you to your new home! Making your home look welcoming and beautiful is the key to getting those buyers to make an appointment to see your property.

If your home looks drab in the photos, then why should buyers come to see it?  What about in winter? There are ways of making your home desirable no matter what the weather. Curb appeal is about more than just landscaping, it is about setting the scene of the front of your home, to make buyers curious and interested to want to see the inside of your property. Think of  your property’s curb appeal like a first date; you would arrive well presented to meet a potential partner for the first time, so why not present your property beautifully to encourage buyers to want to know more about your home?

Good luck and happy selling!

Monique Mondor is a home and property stager in the Calgary, Alberta area. She is a Certified Staging Professional and trained for her certification for Interior Design in London, England. Monique has owned and designed properties in both Canada and the United Kingdom, from properties dating from the 1800′s, to new, modern contemporary homes. She is more locally known for her addiction to furniture shopping, landscaping for beauty and comfort and her love of upmarket, foreign foods.

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