Many people will often use Google to look up various consultants in their area, but I’m going to show you why and how to pick the best home stager for you in Calgary.

1-Check They Are Qualified

You would not hire a plumber or electrician to work on your home that was not fully trained, so why should your home stager be any different? When interviewing a home stager, make sure they are properly qualified. I would not rely solely on someone who has taken an online course; this does not really give you a proper grounding to go into someone’s home and start switching it around top to bottom. A properly trained Calgary home stager will have taken exams and have experience staging a home in real time as part of their training. They will have studied the business side of the industry too to ensure they are handling and delivering the job correctly. Home staging is an art; it is not really something you can learn on a computer alone.

2-Check They Have Interior Design Training:

An awesome home stager will also have graduated from a proper interior design course. What is the advantage of this? Well, an interior designer/home stager will know how to evaluate the fixed materials in your home and know what to suggest/know how to manage contractors if major work needs doing before staging. They will know what is currently trending in the industry, and be fully able to create a specially tailored look for your home ahead of sale. Also, you have the added bonus of your stager being able to advise you on interior style and decor of the place you are moving to as well.

3-Check if your Calgary Home Stager has references from Realtors:

A reputable home stager will often work with several realtors, and they will be able to recommend the stager in question. If your home stager does not have references from at least one realtor, you might want to consider shopping around a little bit. If they are working exclusively for themselves or are new to the business you should at least know this much from them.

4-A Fantastic Home Stager Will Want to Stage Your Property Inside and Out

It is not enough to stage the inside of your Calgary home. Calgary is an extremely competitive city when it comes to property, and failing to have a stager who understands how vital it is to have the outside of your home looking its best will not attract as many buyers.

So don’t be afraid to do your homework when looking for a home stager in Calgary. Ask questions, look at portfolios. Their work should speak for itself. And above all, find a home stager that is friendly. That always helps when working with someone so intently in your home. A great personality and a positive attitude will take your home to the level it needs to be at to attract the right home buyers. Calgary is a gorgeous city and your home stager should work hard to have your home be competitive and beautiful for the home buyers.

Homes Sold is one Calgary home staging firm that specialises in all of the above. Call us today for a quote or to set up a consultation. Happy House Selling!

Monique Shaw
Chief Designer