ImageBuyers are more nosy than we think. The New York Times recently featured an article about how incorporating the right look in your kitchen, extends to more than just the cupboards and counters; think upper class foodie staging for your fridge for viewings. The buyers may just grow an additional respect for a home’s feel by showing them that the homeowner has discerning taste not only in their home, but in their dining habits as well–important as many buyers will want to purchase your appliances too.

 WHAT WOULD YOU RATHER SHOW YOUR VIEWERS? A fridge full of beer and diet soda, or food fit for a king?

 I’m not talking about stocking your fridge full of lobsters to impress home buyers, however, having an immaculate fridge, stocked with some literally mouth-watering goodies, may just take the cake (pardon the pun). 

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Monique Mondor is a home and property stager in the Calgary, Alberta area. She is a Certified Staging Professional and trained for her certification for Interior Design in London, England. Monique has owned and designed properties in both Canada and the United Kingdom, from properties dating from the 1800’s, to new, modern contemporary homes. She is more locally known for her addiction to furniture shopping, landscaping for beauty and comfort and her love of upmarket, foreign foods. 

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